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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Address: No.61, Sec.2, Lane 81, Dunhua S. Road.  敦化南路2段81巷61號

Telephone: (02) 2708-5027

Hours: 11:30AM-9:30PM Daily.

Nobody really talks about lunch do they?  Breakfast gets top billing as being the most important, dinner gets all the glamour, but what about lunch? For most people lunch is about eating something quickly and not too heavy.  No one wants to be the idiot that falls asleep in the afternoon meeting from devastating food coma.

But there is no reason to trivialize lunch in such a manner.  Simple food can still be excellent food, and while 十里安 certainly shouldn't be pigeon-holed into a lunch specific role, I feel that it really is the perfect place to have lunch for the businessperson on the move.  

 Some simple small dishes.  Sweet tomatoes and Taro Cubes.  Easy, flavorful and clean.
I'm waaaaiting...

十里安 is located in an area heavy with foot traffic from people who are looking to enjoy a gratifying lunch in the midst of their busy work lives.  The food is affordable, tasty, clean and runs in a very similar vein as what you would be expected to find at Ding Tai Fung.
I won't go so far as to say 十里安 is as good as Ding Tai Fung, because after all, Ding Tai Fung is a Taiwanese institution unto itself, but there are clear similarities and you won't be disappointed by what you find here.

Always one of my favorites no matter where I can find it.  Friend rice with fried pork chop.  A little sweetness in the batter, and not too oily at all.
Drunken Chicken.  Good tender chicken that isn't too heavy in its flavoring, a clean light taste to the dish.

十里安 is a relatively new restaurant that has seating for a good 30-40 people.  The decor is simple yet modern, with a few Asian touches here and there to remind you what kind of restaurant you're in.  A see through glass barrier is erected between the seating area and the kitchen to allow you to take a glimpse at what is about to be put in your belly (another similarity with Ding Tai Fung).  

The menu is far from extensive, but they have all the necessities, and sometimes its a good thing to keep the options limited.  The prices are more than fair for the quality that you get (I think I was too busy eating to take a pic of the menu... it happens), and I believe the most expensive item was around 250NT with most things in the 100-200NT range.  

Some spicy options.  I have to reiterate, 十里安 does a great job of keeping their food delicious yet without the greasiness that I would expect to find in a lot of the dishes.

The type of food here really is very traditional Chinese fare, and that is perfectly fine with me.  There is a warmth that comes with eating food such as this, and doubly so if its done well.  Noodles, rice, dumplings... 十里安 isn't trying to reinvent the wheel, but instead staying in that area where they know people can find comfort.  Don't come to 十里安 if what you want is something out of left field or some ridiculous take on classic food.  What they do.. they do very well, and when dealing with food, that will get the job done time and time again.

I can never... ever get tired of soup dumplings.
Not too shabby.

What more can I say? Everyone should have a restaurant like this in their rotation.  Coming here to dine will not wow you, but it's more about efficiency.....and really, what sort of businessman doesn't love efficiency and economy of movement?  
The food is fast, clean, tasty and economically sound.  Breakfast and dinner may get all the accolades, but as long as restaurants like 十里安 exist, then I'll feel good about my lunch time options as well.  Opened in July of this year, 十里安 is a definite up and comer whose seats I often find filled.  There is good reason for this, so the next time you are in search for a simple filler for your afternoons, do yourself one better and come to 十里安 and see what they have to offer.

 Always one of my favorites.  Beef rolls.  Warm and tender.

Overall 十里安 Receives: 

-Til Next Time-

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